The Sisters of Mary Reparatrix in Kyaka-Kyegegwa;


The Community of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix at Byeba-Kasenene in Kyaka-Kyegegwa.

The Convent of Sisters of Mary Reparatrix in Kyaka-KyegegwaThe Sisters of Mary Reparatrix in Kyaka-Kyegegwa;

The Sisters of Mary Reparatrix opened up their Community and Mission of the Refugees  in Kyaka II Settlement Camp called Byeba-Kasenene Convent .  The new Community was opened on 26th March 2023 in Kyaka-Kyegegwa district. The main celebrant on the ocassion was Rt. Rev. Robert K. Muhiirwa; the Bishop of Fort Portal.

The Institute of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix is of Pontifical right, established for the service
and glory of God. It was founded in 1857 in France by Emilie d’ Hooghvorst d’Oultremont
(Blessed Mother Mary of Jesus). Blessed Emilie was born in Liege, Belgium on 11 October, 1818. She was given a profound understanding of the tenderness of God’s love for the world, a
tenderness that was ignored and refused by the human race.
The specific mission of the sisters is, to know Christ and make Him known, to Love Him
and make Him loved and to Adore Him and bring others to Adore Him in truth. They do
this by consecrating themselves entirely with Mary their Model of
Reparation, to repair for the sins committed against God and the evil caused to human beings by
sin. Therefore, the Charism is Reparation with Mary.

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