In Fort portal Diocese, we have Pontifical Mission Societies consist of the societies for the Propagation of the Faith, the Pontifical Missionary Holy Childhood Association, the Pontifical Missionary Union and the Society of St. Peter the Apostle. These societies have received their title “Pontifical” in 1922 to indicate their status as official instruments of the Holy Father and of the universal Roman Catholic Church.

The pontifical Mission Societies have, as their primary purpose, the promotion of a universal missionary Spirit, a spirit of prayer and sacrifice among all baptized Catholics. As such the main goal of Pontifical Mission Societies is to foster proclamation of the Gospel to the ends of the Earth as our Lord’s command in Matthew (20:19-20). In fulfillment of this command, the role of animation of these different groups requires evangelization through Catechesis of the children so as to be rooted in their faith especially during lockdown. The children and young people are the majority.

These societies are the principal Organizations for Missionary Animation and cooperation in the Catholic Church under the direction of the Pope.

The main objective of Pontifical Mission Societies is to promote Missionary awareness and cooperation of the whole Church among God’s people.


The PMS of Fort portal Diocese is to create awareness among all its Christian faithful of their Missionary Vocation and are actively in the church’s Universal Mission of Evangelization.


These societies have the role of directing, coordinating and promoting Missionary Animation activities.

Leadership structure

Fr. Gerald Akugizibwe, Diocesan Director

Bro. Nicodemu Ensehurire, Coordinator for Missionary Holy childhood

Committee members at the Diocesan level

Deanery representatives

Some of the activities of Pontifical Mission Societies Office

Organize and coordinate Mission Days like World Mission Sunday, Vocations Sunday, Children’s Celebration days in the Diocese.

Organize and coordinate the trainings and workshops of all Children Animators at the diocesan level.

Visiting Parishes and giving seminars and workshops to the Animators.

Visiting schools to meet children together with their teachers to talk issues concerning the children.

Writing Projects to support PMS office Programs.

Conducting Catechism lessons on the Radio and training teacher catechists to do it their schools.

Parish Animator’s roles.

The Missionary activities of Pontifical Mission societies in Fort portal.

Teaching our children moral values and Faith through Animators and catechists

To encourage children to pray, to respectful to their parents and other elders in the society.

To prepare to children to know how to spread the Good News through learning from their animators and fellow during Sunday schools and other special days of their weekly meetings.

We also sometimes carried out catechism class on radio Jubilee which has also given a chance to children to evangelize their fellow children using media.

Future plans

To have more interaction with children in schools and parishes in collaboration with those in charge of those institutions.

More workshops and seminars for their Animators.

Children’s Catechism program both on the Radio and in schools.