MISSION: To foster active participation of all people of Fort Portal diocese in fulfilling Christ’s will of evangelization through economic empowerment
VISION: A prosperous and an integrally developed Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal as a family of God’s people
DEPARTMENTS: Treasury, Planning and Management, Land Office

a) Treasury
This department of the Resource Commission is concerned with the management of money ensuring that the Diocese has the funds it needs to manage her day-to-day financial obligations. It is also concerned with developing long term financial strategy and policies.

b) Planning and Management
This department is concerned with making economic forecast for the Diocese and monitoring the performance and management of diocesan investments. The department also provides technical support to fundraising activities in the Diocese.

c) Land Office
This office is charged with the proper running and management of Church land as provided for in the Fort Portal Diocese Land Policy (2016). This office is supervised by the land board known as Fort Portal Diocese Land Board.

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