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The commission of Social Communications is basically the diocesan “Information office” (or locally “ofiisi ye Eby’Amakuru”). In other words, it is the office in-charge of all information from the Diocese to the outside world and from the outside world into the Diocese. This information is fundamentally concerned with communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world through the use of the modern means of communication that is evangelization through the media. In short, the main purpose of the office of Social Communications is to coordinate, facilitate, promote and support all communication activities of the Diocese.

In Fort Portal Diocese, the office is traced back in the 80’s when it was part and parcel of (and was under) the diocesan Social Development Office. It was headed by a lay representative who was answerable to the priest in-charge of the Social Development office. Successively the office of Social Communications emerged as an independent office in the early 90’s headed by a priest and assisted by a nun up to the present moment.

Identity: An informed and pastorally oriented Diocesan Communications Commission.

Vision: A Communications Commission of Fort Portal Diocese which promotes the use of media in evangelization of the whole person.

Mission: A commission that strengthens and promotes pastoral activities to all the people through the available means of communication.

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